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Selling Products Online: Writing a Good Ad

December 30, 2008

In my years of experience in the print and advertising industry, I found that writing a good ad is one of the most important keys in advertising. If you are currently selling products on eBay, eBid, Etsy, Bid Owl or other auction websites, it is important to write a good ad. This works well especially for advertising a business, or for informational advertising. Your ad can make or break a campaign. It’s important that you have good content; All of the information in the ad should give an accurate description with correct information. Get to the point and give as much detailed information as you can without making it lengthy. If you are going to sell a product, here are a few tips how you can start writing your own ad.

  1. Have a few key words to make your ad catchy.
  2. Have a good design. If you can’t design a good looking ad yourself hire a professional.
  3. Keep your ad short and sweet, with good content.
  4. Give accurate and detailed information.
  5. If you’re going to sell a product, more pictures are always better.
  6. List contact information in case anyone has any questions.

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