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Product Branding 101 – How To Get Started

October 1, 2014


You have an idea, you have a product that you want to market. How do I get started? First you will need to answer a few questions.

  1. Identify who you will market this product to. What age group, male, female etc.
  2. Research and identify the competition.
  3. How does your brand differ from other products that are similar? Identify pros and cons.
  4. Create a good package design and logo that appeals to your demographic.
  5. Identify the cost and price point at which the product will be sold.
  6. Create your niche and your own market. By creating a niche you are creating a need. You don’t just want to do what everyone else is doing. You need to go above and beyond whatever the competition is doing. You need to think outside the box and be edgy with your marketing. This will make your product memorable.
  7. Service. Your brand is a promise to your customers. You need to make sure you have a way to service your customers need in case anything goes wrong with your product. They service of your product greatly influences your product’s success.
  8. Once you have your ideas, write everything down in a plan and develop a marketing strategy.

Depending on your demographic this has a lot to do with how your product will be marketed and distributed. In order to make your product successful, you need to create an awesome user experience.  This will bring the same customers back again and again with repeat business that will multiply.


The Million Dollar Question: Loan Modifications Changing Rules

April 1, 2014

Anyone going through a loan modification knows it’s not a simple and easy process. There have been many discrepancies with the banks especially when it comes to loan modifications. The million dollar question is why are loan modifications changing the rules? My thoughts are some of the rules need to be changed to regulate the banks. Most loan modifications  I have investigated don’t benefit the consumer very much. The purpose of a loan modification in the Bank’s eyes is to extend the time of the loan in which the borrower can catch up on what they are behind. The truth is some modifications can hurt the consumer even more. Many loan modifications give the bank the right to add on extra fees and interest that normally wouldn’t be added on. This in turn hurts the consumer in that it puts them even further behind on their mortgage. Where loan modifications can help many consumers, they usually are only a temporary solution. This is because while during your trial payment period you may have lower payments, most of the banks doing the modifications will find a way to add extra interest and fees and therefore may result in a higher mortgage payment. Sometimes the best way to get out of your situation is to sell your home.

Most consumers do not know that if they sell their home they may be able to get money from their mortgage company as a relocation fee in order to avoid foreclosure. Anyone needing information about this should contact an expert. A mortgage broker that works with mortgage attorneys can often help. Stay far away from anyone that wants to charge you high fees to help you with a loan modification. Attorneys you hire that help you can often times charge their fees to either the mortgage company or mortgage broker.


Beware of Sweepstakes Asking for Money

May 29, 2013


I despise companies that take advantage of people asking them for money in order to receive a prize. There are also companies or individuals posing as legitimate companies to collect personal bank account information. There are all types. This is a scam I received in the mail today.

Award Assessment Division
PO Box 2905
Kansas City, KS 66110-2905
United States of America

This company claims that I have won $3,000,000.00 and that I am scheduled to receive 30 payments of $100,000.00 over a 30 year distribution. They are requesting that I send a check back to them in the amount of $11.89 in order to secure premium offer acquisition fee in order to secure delivery. They state that payment is required in order to reserve delivery. After doing some research the company NextGen, Inc. is responsible for sending out these mailings. There have been many complaints logged against them at the Better Business Bureau.

As a general rule never send a company money as a condition in order to win something. Some companies will offer legitimate products or a service that is never a condition for winning sweepstakes. Always check out the company you are dealing with before you do business with them.


Have You Ever Wondered What it Would Be Like to Be a Millionaire?

July 26, 2012

I’m sure at some point in our lives we all wonder what it would like to be a Millionaire. The first question I would like to ask is, do you have any plans on how to reach your first million? I don’t feel there are any legal get rich quick schemes. I do believe that anyone can be a millionaire if they put their mind to it. Some people do not believe in the law of attraction. I however do. I believe that with positive thinking along with hard work and perseverance you will achieve your goals much quicker. This is advice I have been taking from Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Steve Siebold, and other mentors. All of these mentors are all Millionaires.

One of the most important things I have learned from these mentors, in order to be a Millionaire, you must think and act like a Millionaire. By thinking and acting like a Millionaire, you are preparing your mindset to a Millionaire. Just to clarify I am not a millionaire yet, but I am on my way financially to hit my million sometime within 5 years.

How to Have a Millionaire Mindset


Should Tipped Workers Get a Raise?

June 28, 2012

Waitress Taking Order

While the federal minimum wage is currently at $7.25 an hour at the national average, minimum wage has risen several times over the years. However the minimum wage for tipped employees has been the same since 1991 and is still at $2.13 per hour. Is this fair? I know very few people who can live off of this kind of income especially if they have children.

Scenario; if a full time waitress was making $2.13 per hour and worked 40 hrs per week she would earn $17.04 per day, if you would add average tips to that of $25 per day = $42.04 per day. All tipped workers should be getting at least minimum wage from their employers if they don’t earn enough in tips. How many honest employers out there do think would do this? I think that tipped workers should get at the very least a cost of living increase in wages.

I signed the petition for tipped workers to get a raise from the current minimum wage rate of $2.13 per hour.


5 Ways To Improve Traffic

March 22, 2012
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You have built your blog or your website. Now what? How do you get the word out? Now the challenge… how do you funnel qualified leads to your website?

  1. SEO Marketing also known as Search Engine Optimization. Make sure your website or landing page can be found by the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.
  2. Get the word out via social media websites such as facebook, twitter, instagram, YouTube etc.
  3. Email Marketing – start with people you already know to help you get the word out via word of mouth advertising.
  4. Blogging and guest blogging – have other people you know blog about you or your product (another form of word of mouth advertising).
  5. Pay Per Click Advertising – Google Adwords is a cheap way to buy advertising by purchasing key words that will target your brand and link back to your website.

Crazy Advice: A New Habit for Making Money

June 15, 2010

I have been reading a book by Steve Siebold  “177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class.” There is many lessons to be learned from this book. This is an excellent read that will teach you how to apply principles to your daily life and business that will impact the way you think about money and how you can accomplish your goals and dreams by finding new ways to produce a bigger cash flow in your life. Many people don’t believe the secret can work for them, and are skeptical. The secret is based on the law of attraction and how you can attract the things you want into your life.

I have a challenge even for those that think it’s impossible to make over $40,000 in one day. I am committing to this challenge myself and will let you know if this this works. Please watch this short video by Steve Siebold and set your challenge.

Mental Toughness Blog

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