Charlie Chaplin Unexplained Footage: Real or a Hoax?

October 29, 2010

There has been a huge buzz going on all over twitter, YouTube. I had to wounder what the huge buzz was about with Charlie Chaplin as the main topic. This is very interesting, a video was posted that is “supposedly” to be from 1928. What do you think is this real or a hoax? Can you see something from modern times?

I personally don’t think this is real. If this is real footage  from 1928, why did someone just barley discover it this week? I watched the video first before reading any of the comments and it’s very easy to detect. I’d like to know your thoughts, what do you think?



  1. Honestly here is why I don’t think it’s possible a time traveler would be in this;

    1. There would not be any Cell Phone towers in 1928 to pick up a signal.

    2. If this Charlie Chaplin “Circus” footage has been out since 1928, why has no one noticed “The Time Traveler” until very recently?

    3. Do you think this could be a hoax to sell more of these Charlie Chaplin DVD’s?

  2. i want it

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