Quote of the Day August 26, 2010

August 26, 2010

The difference between school and life? In School, you’re taught a lesson and given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.”
~ Tom Bodett

Word of the Day

inure (in-YOOR) transitive verb
To make accustomed or used to something painful, difficult, or inconvenient; to harden; to habituate; as, “inured to drudgery and distress.
intransitive verb
To pass into use; to take or have effect; to be applied; to serve to the use or benefit of; as, a gift of lands inures to the heirs

Random Fact

In 1862 American Civil War: James Longstreet and Stonewall Jackson led their Confederate troops to a decisive victory against John Pope‘s Union Army at the Second Battle of Bull Run in Prince William County, Virginia.

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