Making a Difference in Your Community

December 16, 2008

We have been faced with difficult times in our economy. Especially this year. The unemployment rate is high and may only get worse with all of the companies going bankrupt these days. Even if your not unemployed many peoples finances are tighter than ever this year. I have been thinking how can I make a difference in these difficult times? Here is a website I came across for additional ideas to make a difference. Charity Guide Even if you don’t have money to donate, chances are you have something in your house that you can donate. All of these organizations welcome volunteers you can donate your time.

There are a number of charities looking for things you can donate that can be used items. Some items I never would have even thought of. There are many families living in shelters or apartments that have nothing.

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters – This organization will take used clothing, bedding, books, toys, recreational items, motor vehicles, boats, motor homes, airplanes, construction equipment,
  • Local Food Bank – I have donated food from my pantry. I look at the items in there and if they have been sitting there for a few months and it’s not expired than I will give it to the food bank.
  • Local Shelters – Many of the local shelters will take clothes, bedding, toys.
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