Banks in Trouble

November 11, 2008

In this troubling time in our economy, we have many uncertain things going on right now. Our real estate market is down, and the stock market has crashed. We are now in a recession that may take years to recover from. I am not writing this article so you will panic. I am writing this article to keep you informed in what is going on in the Banks today. This is a follow-up article to the the last article I wrote on September 30, 2008. This is part of the “Is your money safe?” series. With any article I write, I do extensive research, and usually provide some web links to verify my information. This is to ensure that you get the most accurate information that I can give you.

Most Banks are insured by the FDIC, Credit Unions are also insured by the NCUA. What this means is, your money that you have in your bank account located at each Bank and Credit Union is required to insure your money for up to $100,000. Bank watch list as published by The Bank Implode Meter, these are banks that have all been audited and written up for something. More information can be found on each individual bank FDIC, NCUA.

Level 3 watch Bank List.

  1. Fifth Third Bankcorp 11-06-08 (crashed, waiting on implosion)
  2. UBS Bank 11-04-08 (crashing)
  3. Mitsubishi Financial 10-27-08
  4. Citigroup 10-16-08
  5. Merryl Lynch 10-13-08 (may still come out alive)
  6. Bank of America 10-07-08 (settlement, not in the clear yet)

Failed Banks/ Credit Unions List.

  1. Security Pacific Bank, CA 11-07-08
  2. Franklin Bank, SBB, TX 11-07-08
  3. Freedom Bank, FL 10-31-08
  4. Alpha Bank & Trust, GA 10-24-08
  5. National City 10-24-08
  6. High Desert Federal Credit Union 10-17-08
  7. Meridian Bank, IL 10-10-08
  8. Main Street Bank, MI 10-10-08
  9. HBOS PLC 10-09-08
  10. N & W Poca Division Credit Union 10-03-08
  11. Watchovia Bank 9-29-08
  12. Washington Mutual (WaMu) 9-24-08
  13. Ameribank, Inc., WV 9-19-08
  14. Interfaith Federal Credit Union 9-17-08
  15. Lehman Brothers 9-11-08
  16. Silver State Bank 9-5-08
  17. Integrity Bank, GA 8-29-08
  18. Columbian Bank and Trust, KS 8-24-08
  19. First Priority Bank, KS 8-1-08
  20. First National Bank of Nevada 7-26-08
  21. First Heritage Bank N.A. 7-26-08
  22. Indy Mac Bank Corp 7-11-08
  23. First Integrity Bank 5-31-08
  24. ANB Financial 5-09-08
  25. Carnation Bank 5-09-08
  26. St. Luke Baptist Federal Credit Union 5-07-08
  27. Hume Bank of Hume, MO 3-10-08
  28. Douglas National Bank 1-28-08
  29. Huron River Credit Union 1-19-08
  30. Green Tree Federal Credit Union 1-19-08
  31. Metropolitan Savings Bank 1-19-08
  32. Miami Valley Bank 1-19-08
  33. Net Bank 1-19-08
  34. Sharebuilders Federal Credit Union 1-19-08
  35. Freemont General
  36. Bear Stearns
  37. Northern Rock PLC
  38. Coast Bank

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